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Mortgage for expats

Are you currently living and working in the Netherlands and are you tired of renting? Or are you planning to live and work in the Netherlands with your wife and kids or on your own? The Mortgage Advisor of SpaaQ would love to help you guys out!

Who are we?

SpaaQ has been helping starters over the past few years for a reasonable price and in an understandable language. Well, at least when we a counsel in Dutch. But this will probably also be the case when we advise in English. At least we’ll try the best we can!

We can imagine it must be scary to go to a country where everything is new to you. The Dutch people who come to us and are looking for their first mortgage already know things about the Dutch system. Even for them it’s hard to understand some mortgage-things.

So we would love to help you guys out! We’ve got an advisor who’s very enthusiastic about his work. He’s got a lot of knowledge and you can ask him everything you need to know.

Let’s start at the beginning

What do you need to know about the Dutch mortgage system as an expat? It depends on where you’re from, whether you can buy a house. At least in the following situations you can:

  • You must have a permanent residence permit.
  • You are from an European country, you’ve been living in the Netherlands for six or more months and you have a permanent employment contract or letter of intent from your employer.
  • You are from a non-European country, but you’re recognized as a highly skilled migrant by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service. As a highly skilled migrant you apply to the same regulations as an European expat.

When you know you can buy a house in the Netherlands it’s important to know what you can afford. Do you want to know more? You can call or text us 24/7. We would really like to hear from you!

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